Improvement Partnership to Advance School Wide SEL (Newark Trust for Education)

This slide deck and associated case study provide insight into Newark Trust's multi-year cohort-based model to advance SEL work, with a focus on continuous improvement. The case study highlights how student voice can be integrated within the continuous improvement process through the use of surveys and a student PBIS advisory council.

Solutionitis Slide and 5 Whys Template (TNTP)

This 5 Why's template can be used to help support network members to slow down as they work to understand the system and distill root causes. The solutionitis slide explains the importance of slowing down when engaging with deep work and how to avoid jumping to solutions before fully understanding the common problem.

Theory of Action Kick-Off Agenda: Equity and Continuous Improvement Summer Planning Session (Shelby County Schools)

This template from Shelby County Schools outlines prompts, potential icebreakers, norms, and background information needed to kick off theory of action planning discussions in schools. In addition to the template agenda you can find an overview of CI, guidance on developing roles, a root cause discussion, and guidance around next steps.

Step Sheet for WhatsApp Business in ESL Communication Initiatives (Shelby County Schools)

This protocol provides a step-by-step summary of how to use WhatsApp Business to enhance ESL Communication initiatives. It provides examples and considerations to support easy application.

Facilitating Student Empathy Interviews During Staff PDs: Guiding Practices and Notes (Center for Powerful Public Schools)

These guiding practices outline key questions to determine staff readiness and series of steps to prepare school staff to conduct empathy interviews.

Living Improvement: Leadership Resources from 2021 Summit (Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching)

These are two volumes from The Carnegie Foundation's five-part blog series: Living Improvement: Resources for Education. The blog series shares resources curated from the 2021 Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education with a focus on leadership, equity, data, and coaching. These two volumes highlight resources specific to leadership.

The first volume focuses on the role of leadership in continuous improvement. Carnegie hopes that these resources on leadership in continuous improvement show how powerful this way of working can be. It’s not just implementing a new initiative or curriculum, but about systems transformation, changing how education organizations work and learn. While leadership, on its own, is not enough to improve, it can go a long way to lay the foundation by fostering the values, mindsets, culture, and practices that enable organizations to learn.

The second volume returns to leadership as the organizing theme to underscore the fact that systems change cannot happen without a different kind of leadership that weaves together these four areas—one that routinely integrates data, coaching, and a focus on improving outcomes for students who are routinely overlooked and underserved by conventional methods and measures of reform.

New to CI
9 resources

This collection is to help you introduce the concepts of continuous improvement to new network members.

CI & Equity
7 resources

As you continue to test out new ideas through CI, check out these resources to ensure equity is the core of every idea.

9th Grade On-Track
4 resources

The resources in this collection will help your team explore different approaches used by schools and districts with 9th grade on-track goals. You will be able to access protocols, research, tools, and exemplars that offer evidence-based approaches to improvement in this area.