Build Your Blueprint

Welcome to the opportunity to build your Blueprint! We are excited that you are here. If you haven’t already, we recommend you first read the Framework for Improvement Teams (FIT) to become familiar with the content and organization of this tool.

One thing to note is that some of the options in each question may look a little different than in the (FIT). This is by design. While the FIT offers a more complete picture of your work, this space is designed to be more accessible and quicker to complete. The optimal experience is to bring a partner or small team to look at these questions together, discuss your ratings, and make plans based on the customized results you will receive. We recommend setting aside 30-45 mins to do that work with a team.

As you complete this activity, we will be developing your personalized Blueprint. This is a customized report and set of resources and recommendations for you to consider.

Before you get started, tell us who is taking this with you: