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Continuous Improvement

Network Initiation, Management & Support

Measurement & Data for Improvement

Inclusive Culture

Leadership Support

Continuous Improvement

Understand the System

Build Commitment to a Clear & Specific Aim

Develop a Shared Theory of Practice Improvement

Support Disciplined Inquiry Cycles

Definition: Ability to use multiple and varied forms of data, structured tools or protocols, and input from those most affected by the system to help improvement teams clearly see the root causes that produce current inequitable outcomes.

  • We are familiar with a variety of protocols (e.g., root cause analysis, empathy interviews) to “see the system” and know how and when to use them.
  • We use wide range of qualitative evidence and quantitative data to the process, incorporating various vantage points and perspectives as well as historical and local contexts.
  • We help teams identify disparate outcomes produced by the system and their root causes.
  • We include the viewpoints of those most affected by the system in a way that is culturally-responsive and asset-based.

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