Community Mini Equity Audit (Beloved)

This resource provides guiding questions, an engaging webinar recording, and additional resources and tools to identify how to center equity in your community. The Mini Equity Audit can be used to ground your thinking as you explore the ways equity shows up in your continued COVID-19 response strategy.

Realizing the Proven Promise of Continuous Improvement One-Pager (City Year)

This resource was created as part of the project, Digital Toolkit for Continuous Improvement in Education, listed through Catalyst:Ed.

Driver Diagram Protocol (High Tech High)

The purpose of this protocol is to generate a shared “theory of action” to drive a team’s improvement efforts and ultimately achieve the aim.

Course Performance Change Package (City Year)

The Course Performance Change Package for School Improvement offers key evidence-based changes for improving course performance in five categories: data, relationships, mindsets, skills, and practices. It also provides change idea considerations, primary and secondary drivers, and a course performance improvement inventory.

Behavior and Social Emotional Development Change Package (City Year)

The Change Package for Behavior/Social Emotional Learning offers key evidence-based changes for social-emotional development in five categories: data, relationships & adult support, school environment, mindset formation, skill building. It also provides considerations, primary and secondary drivers, and a behavior/social emotional learning improvement inventory.

Freshman On-Track Toolkit (Network for College Success)

The NCS Freshman On-Track Toolkit is a collection of protocols, reports, resources, and artifacts used by our experienced Coaches in their daily work to help schools better support students through the critical first year of high school. The Toolkit is organized around four Components we believe are critical to implementing Freshman On-Track work. For each Component, you will find a collection of Tool Sets, or bundles of tools (including videos), organized to help you achieve freshman success goals.

Change Package for Attendance Improvement (City Year)

The Change Package for Attendance Improvement offers key evidence-based changes for attendance in four categories: data, relationships, motivation, and problem solving. It also outlines considerations, primary and secondary drivers, and an attendance improvement inventory. The inventory asks questions to check your understanding, implementation, and seed your thinking around attendance change ideas.

Early Warning Implementation and Monitoring System Implementation Guide (AIR)

This Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring System (EWIMS) Implementation Guide supports schools and districts to setup and implement the EWIMS process, following seven key steps. The EWIMS process helps schools and districts systematically match students with effective interventions

New to CI
9 resources

This collection is to help you introduce the concepts of continuous improvement to new network members.

CI & Equity
7 resources

As you continue to test out new ideas through CI, check out these resources to ensure equity is the core of every idea.

9th Grade On-Track
4 resources

The resources in this collection will help your team explore different approaches used by schools and districts with 9th grade on-track goals. You will be able to access protocols, research, tools, and exemplars that offer evidence-based approaches to improvement in this area.