Resource Bank for Supporting Multilingual Learners (Internationals Network)

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The Internationals Network supports and transforms education for multilingual learners in a network of schools across the country. In this resource bank, we have collected numerous ideas, strategies, and tools that encapsulate much of what we have learned and tried while supporting multilingual learners over the past 30 years. As school communities continue to learn together, these resources will continue to help us plan, stay organized, communicate, and collaborate to support all students in our classrooms. The resources range from promising practice videos to classroom strategies to example projects to complete workshops, and are relevant to both in-person and remote settings. We offer them here in the hopes that some or all of it will prove useful in your own work supporting students and staff. We will continue to add to and develop this library of resources as the practitioners we partner with continue to innovate. This resource was developed in partnership with Kr8 Ventures and is a deliverable from a project listed through Catalyst:Ed.

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