CI for Equity — Convening a Network (CI4E Design Team)

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The Design Team’s process resulted in two key products: critical inquiry questions and a curated set of tools that users can access to support an equity-driven continuous improvement process.

Description: The critical inquiry questions, also known as equity considerations, aim to provide an entry point for NSIs to examine their processes with an equity lens with a list equity-centered prompts for teams to consider.

When using this resource, keep in mind: Intentionally infusing, prioritizing, and sustaining an equity lens to an improvement project often requires a mindset change for those engaged in this work. This list reflects important considerations that teams must keep in mind during both planning and implementation of improvement processes, including:

• Starting with the self: Examining the layers of identity & perspective
• Seeing the system: Examining context & history
• Examining the lens & locus of influence: Elevating authentic voice
• Shifting the paradigm: Valuing process & outcomes

Axel Rud


Axel Rud

This is a great resource.